Liv Morgan’ stunning cash within the Bank win and resulting booming cash-in later that night ranks among the foremost satisfying WWE moments all year so far.

With Morgan having been on the most list for nearly 5 years and in the company’ organic process system for heaps longer than that, it appeared unlikely when a minute that she would ever hold gold in WWE.

She unsuccessfully challenged for the WWE Women’ Tag Team Championship on multiple occasions and came getting ready to unseating Becky kill as Raw women’ champion at January’ Day one event. That’ in addition to her Riott Squad stablemates being free by WWE and Rhea Ripley revealing her shortly when WrestleMania 38.

Her several setbacks created the instant of her capturing the SmackDown Women’ Championship all the additional meaningful, however currently it’ all regarding however WWE decides to follow it up.

There’ a chance to form Morgan an enormous star over on SmackDown supported how well-liked she already is. the subsequent 5 booking steps would guarantee her reign is as prosperous because it has the potential to be.

continued to Be set-aside robust on TV

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way too often, WWE books its champion to lose on tv and appearance weak within the process.

The mentality tends to be that if they’re holding a title, then their quality can’t be harmed. In reality, it just devalues the championship and makes the person holding it feel considerably less special.

Few individuals are resistant to such impressive booking, however Morgan should be the exception so as for her reign to be thought of a success.

within the time period since she captured the championship, her solely match on WWE TV was associate exceedingly|in a very} tag team aboard Bianca Belair once morest Carmella and Natalya. it might are simple for WWE to own Natalya pin Morgan to line them up for a future title clash, however fortunately that didn’t happen.

{that once|that when|that when} again must be the case on Friday’ SmackDown, when she goes one-on-one with Natalya, particularly after an “injured” Ronda Rousey created fast work of her last week on the blue brand.

Morgan doesn’t have to be compelled to be in action hebdomadally on SmackDown, but preventing her from being overwhelmed unnecessarily is imperative. the times of her losing a majority of her matches ought to be over.

Beating Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam

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Morgan promise Ronda Rousey to become SmackDown women’ champion at cash within the Bank was stunning enough, however even additional shocking than that may be Morgan beating her for a second straight time to retain the title at SummerSlam.

It’ attainable somebody else is superimposed in shortly beforehand to form it a Triple Threat, but Morgan vs. Rousey one-on-one is the real attraction for SummerSlam. that may conjointly provide Morgan an opportunity to defeat Rousey straight-up.

before cash within the Bank, Rousey had been fastened in WWE solely once, which was in the Triple Threat main event at WrestleMania thirty eight by Becky Lynch. That was why it had been such a surprise Morgan managed to tug it off at cash in the Bank.

it’d be phantasmagoric to assume that Morgan incorporates a legitimate chance of winning the repeat clean. As long as she wins convincingly and retains the title, that’ what matters most.

Charlotte aptitude may okay result back any time now, and if so, she could price Rousey the win at SummerSlam. creating Morgan the afterthought wouldn’t be ideal, however she must show she will be able to suspend on Rousey’ level and go away with an uninterrupted reign.

Upping the Intensity and Establishing quality

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one amongst the most criticisms among fans following Morgan’ 1st few appearances as champion on Raw and SmackDown was that she measured overexcited.

Morgan’ authentic passion for professional wrestling ought to be celebrated ANd appreciated, not mocked or condemned. WWE’ titles are thus degraded that it’ truly refreshing turning into champion still suggests that such a lot to some members of the roster, we have a tendency toll as|together with} Morgan.

That said, it wouldn’t hurt for her to adopt an aggressive edge and blow their own horns her serious facet additional typically as we get deeper into her title reign.

If WWE needs her to be viewed by fans as a threat to everybody else within the division, then she can’t be created to seem inferior in the ring or on the mic. Instead of getting used as a weakness, her enthusiasm ought to be channeled into intensity.

It’ shined through at numerous points within the last 2 years, thus it’ clear she has it in her. Honing that ability whereas conjointly protruding to what has worked for her up to now is key.

That character development can build her a compelling champion and forestall her from obtaining stale.

Escaping Inevitable Charlotte aptitude Feud with Title Intact

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though Morgan presently has Ronda Rousey in her sights at SummerSlam, it’ just a matter of your time before Charlotte aptitude resurfaces on SmackDown and demands a repeat for the SmackDown Women’ Championship she lost at WrestleMania Backlash.

As antecedently noted, rekindling the group action between aptitude and Rousey by having aptitude price Rousey the title at SummerSlam may be a possibility, albeit not a really exciting one. that might cause a Triple Threat between the 3 of them for the title at Clash of the Castle.

notwithstanding however aptitude contends for the championship, it might be an enormous step backwards to place the belt back on her as before long as she returns. She’ still contemporary off a prolonged title reign ANd has no business being champ within the predictable future.

A persuade Rousey would lend Morgan lots of credibility, and beating aptitude similarly would definitely cement her as a star. For as many titles as aptitude has won, she has also lost an astounding quantity of times to assist place others over, and Morgan ought to be consecutive person she makes an attempt to elevate.

it’ll be powerful for WWE to resist the urge to right away crown Charlotte champion once more upon her come back, however it’ crucial Morgan escapes their feud along with her title intact.

Holding Gold for Ample quantity of your time Before Reentering Chase Mode

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As exciting as it’ been to own 54 Morgan within the spotlight for a modification because the SmackDown women’ champion, there’ no guarantee she’ll be in possession of the distinguished prize for the rest of the year.

Rousey doubtless obtaining the belt back at SummerSlam and Flair’ at hand return create the most important threats to her title reign. It may quickly be forgotten if it ends associate exceedingly|in a very} month or two, that is why WWE ought to aim to prolong this run.

it’ll be not possible to inform however well she’ll knock off the role as champ if she isn’t given the ball to run with for an ample quantity of time. WWE needs to continue capitalizing on the nice reactions she’ been receiving as lately by booking her with identical level as prominence as Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, Flair, Rousey and others.

Nikki A.S.H. found herself in a similar spot a year past once she won cash within the Bank and paid in to become champion shortly thereafter. She, too, was riding a wave of momentum before losing the belt at intervals a month and ne’er being pushed as sharply again.

Morgan has way more upper side and space to grow along with her current character. She could have the benefit of returning to chase mode when four or 5 months as champ keep} the title image contemporary on Fri nights.

Morgan’ title reign is off to a powerful begin and {can} solely ascend from here if WWE can stay the course with her and maintain her winning ways.