In today’s modern world, mom-to-be and young mothers make use of social media platforms to ease motherhood with expert tips. Considering this as an opportunity, experienced mothers started creating content on parenting niches and earning money from multiple sources. 

Among all other social platforms, Instagram is a hub for content creators, bloggers, and influencers. The reason behind this is user-friendly UI and interactive in-app features such as Reels, Stories, Guides, etc. Specifically, many creators buy instagram reels views to expand their content reach and enhance their popularity. Hence it is trouble-free to become an influencer on this visual platform. 

Are you ready to turn your experiences into revenue generators? That’s a wise decision! This article will guide you to be an Instagram influencer as a stay-at-home mom. Let’s get started!

Create a Strategic Plan 

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is understand goals and outline a detailed plan. Ask yourself Who you are? ‘Do you have adequate knowledge of motherhood? Why choose Instagram? What do you want to achieve on it? Listing out the answers will help you make the right decision. 

The next step is to narrow down your niche and go specific for delivering valuable content to your followers. Some of the sub-niche you can opt for are food plans for toddlers, homeschooling, teen parenting, single-parenting, and much more. Whatever the niche may be, you should give a reason for your audience to follow you. 

Set Up Your Instagram Profile 

With the right plan in your hand, get set to optimize your Instagram account. If you are already managing an account, switch it to a Professional account. Otherwise, create a dedicated Creator account and fill in the required information. 

Capture a gorgeous picture and apply it as your profile picture. Then, add a relatable bio that would define who you are and how you will help potential followers. In addition, you shall include the URL of your website or other social accounts for redirecting your audience. Besides, take advantage of Trollishly to instantly widen your reach and strengthen your profile. 

Curate Valuable Content 

And now, you are at the crucial stage of becoming an Instagram influencer. Heads up, mommy! An influencer is someone who provides valuable information and possesses a large audience base. It is all possible through creating and sharing content on the respective platform. 

Already there are tons of Instagram accounts sharing photos and videos of babies. In order to be a successful influencer, consider posting engaging content rather than regular ones. Take time to brainstorm ideas, research topics, craft content, and captivating design visuals. 

Here are the standard content ideas that you can use to grow your profile. 

  • Parenting tips
  • Fitness routines you follow
  • Food habits that ease labor
  • Routine for postpartum 
  • Managing kids & work
  • Milestones of your kids
  • Share your labor experience 
  • How to travel with a toddler, and more. 

After some time,

  • Partner with small businesses.
  • Get their products or services.
  • Start posting review videos on your profile.

This way, brands will come to know about your presence and reach out to you to promote them.

Spice Up Your Content 

Is your content ready to share? Nope, hold on! Still, you must add a few aspects that make your content apt for Instagram. Before posting your content, curate a compelling caption with a powerful CTA and relevant hashtags, and add popular sounds that grab the audience’s attention. Apart from this, you can include visual effects, filters, and other elements available within the application. 

Schedule Contents in Advance

Managing household chores, handling kids, and carrying out professional tasks can be really daunting. In such a case, creating and posting content at the right time might be less possible. Hence it is advisable to prepare a content calendar and work accordingly. So you will not miss out on anything, and your audience will receive your content consistently. Consequently, your profile gains more followers and brings you popularity organically. 

Build a Like-Minded Community 

Content creation is not only the responsibility of an influencer. You should have a community if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd and emerge as a well-known influencer. Take time to engage with your audience often and clear their queries. Also, you can share your personal stories or real-time happenings to educate the audience. Connecting personally with the audience is a great way to enrich your profile and make a meaningful impact. 

Try Out Different Content Formats 

Sharing content in the same format might be boring for your audience. Come out of your comfort zone and think out of the box to improvise your content and impress the audience. Go through Instagram and discover various in-app features that you can leverage to keep your audience interactive. Based on the content format, schedule your posts weekly or monthly. For example, scheudule posts like Daily Stories, Reels on Monday, Carousel on Wednesday, IGTV on Friday, and so on. 

Sign Up for Influencer Programs

Once you have gained a considerable amount of followers, check out the eligibility criteria to become an Instagram influencer. Does your profile possess fewer followers? Don’t worry! Avail the support of Trollishly to gain more followers and enhance the credibility of your profile. 

If your profile meets all the inclusion requirements, you are all set to sign up for Instagram Influencer Program. You will receive a notification after verification. And now it’s your time to support budding brands, micro-influencers, and others who are expecting to win on Instagram. Also, create sponsored posts and do brand collaborations to earn money at your convenience. 

Summing Up 

Thus these are the essential pieces of information you need to know to become an Instagram mom influencer in the near future. Make sure you adapt the above-given ideas to attain your dream of becoming a mum influencer. 

Becoming an Instagram influencer is not an overnight task! Remember this and keep posting engaging content until you gain an image among the audience. So plan your routine and prepare to invest a little more effort to stand out and succeed in this competitive landscape. 

Then, what are you waiting for? 

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